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The Komochi Seal(Preview)

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PostSubject: The Komochi Seal(Preview)   Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:09 pm

Once there was Five people,but these Five were not like any other normal person you have seen before.These people had ancient powers..unlike any other,these powers were Water,Earth,Air,Wind,And the most powerfullest one Light.
These Five Heros protected a ancient seal from the darkness that tried to dwell inside this seal.This seal was known has the Komochi Seal,It kept everything in balanced In the world,until one day all five of these heros passed away.Now someone must carry on the legacy and stop the darkness from returning and destroying the seal.Only five people that have the same heart and soul has the five heros from before can stop the darkness.. four of these five heros have already been found but one more needs to be found.this Is where are story begins..

This is a story Im writing Very Happy,hope you guys like this little preview Its gonna be in parts about 5 parts or so it is not a sereis but It Is a story hope you guys enjoy the opening oh wow Ive been writting alot of storys lately.Very Happy
May I suggest making a forum for storys? It would be really nice (:
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The Komochi Seal(Preview)

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