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New Arena Type

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Obelisk Blue Duelist

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PostSubject: New Arena Type   Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:25 pm

I just randomly thought of this and figured it could be fun. Timed deck build Arena. Each person gets 5 minutes to put together a deck they haven't really used before or something new to them, then thye both have a 2/3 duel to test not only dueling skills but also deck building skills. This could also introduce people to deck types that they never tried before but end up liking, while teaching them of new combos and building techniques. The scoring could be the same as a regular arena duel but it would add a bit of creativity to duels.

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The Boss

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PostSubject: Re: New Arena Type   Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:33 pm

Ok Il make something of this, and 2 exp instead of 1.

Welcome to NDA Very Glad to have you get a hold of me if you have any questions ok Guest

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New Arena Type

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