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Toxic Killers

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PostSubject: Toxic Killers   Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:12 pm

This is a deck I've recently started using again and have had some pretty great success with it. From what I can tell there really isn't much you can do with it besides the main archetype and 1 other. No synchros or Xyz's would help out at all, only get in the way.

Venom Cobra X3
Venom Boa X3
Venom Serpent X3
Venom Snake X3
Venomininon, King of Poisonous Snakes X2
Venominaga, Diety of Poisonous Snakes X1
Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua X1

Double Summon X2
Psuedo Space X1
Snake Rain X2
Terraforming X3
Venom Shot X3
Venom Swamp X3
Viper's rebirth X3

Ambush Fangs X2
Bottomless trap hole X2
Magic Cylinder X2
Mirror force X2
Rise of the Snake Deity X1

Some may question the 3 Terraformings but without venom swamp this deck is litterally useless. All monsters are fairly weak with the exception of Ccarayhua, King, and Diety. Usually with Swamp I can take down powerhouses like Blue-eyes down in 1 turn. One of the key components to this deck is Ccarayhua. As soon as you get the chance, ditch him with Snake rain. Then all throughout the duel you can Bring him out with Viper's rebirth, get a nice 2800 direct attack, then when he gets destroyed by Viper during the end phase, the field gets nuked. King and Diety are optional, I rarely get the chance to use either of them and I usually don't have to. Double summon is their in case I have to get rid of a power house and i have Snake or serpent and Boa in my hand, In 1 turn I can take whatever it is down by 2000 attack, which is fairly nice. All in all this is a nice, easy to use, and sometimes annoying deck, with some epic potential combos.

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Toxic Killers

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