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Ice barriers HELP NEEDED!

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PostSubject: Ice barriers HELP NEEDED!   Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:49 pm

well this is my ice barrier deck and it isn't that good so plz helpm me
MONSTERS(20):-1x blizzed of the ice barrier
-3x cryomancer of the ice barrier
-1x dai-sojo of the ice barrier
-1x strategist of the ice barrier
-1x dance princess of the ice barrier
-1x general grunard of the ice barrier
-1x medium of the ice barrier
-1x mobius of the ice barrier
-1x morphing jar
-1x mother grizzly
-1x penguin soldier
-1x pilgrim of the ice barrier
-1x royal knight of the ice barrier
-1x samurai of the ice barrier
-1x spellbreaker of the ice barrier
-2x prior of the ice barrier
-1x trebborn frog

SPELL(16):-1x dark hole
-1x heavy storm
-1x lightning wortex
-2x magic triangle of the ice barrier
-3x medallion of the ice barrier
-1x monster reborn
-2x moray of greed
-2x MST
-2x salvage
-1x swords of revealing light

TRAP(5):-1x bottomless trap hole
-1x call of the hounted
-1x mirror force
-1x 7 tools of the bandit
-1x torrential tribute

SIDE DECK(15):-1x a legendary ocean
-1x dark bribe
-2x dragon capture jar
-1x dust tornado
-2x NOC
-1x reese of the ice barrier
-1x soul apsorption
-2x swords of concealing light
-1x system down
-2x water hazard
-1x magic triangle of the ice barrier

EXTRA(7):-1x black rose dragon
-1x brionac,dragon of the ice barrier
-1x dewloren, tiger king of the ice barrier
-2x stardust dragon
-1x red dragon archfiend
-1x red nova dragon
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PostSubject: Re: Ice barriers HELP NEEDED!   Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:07 pm

Running one of each Ice-Barrier is not a good idea. Select the best ones, then add in 3 of the really good ones/.
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PostSubject: Re: Ice barriers HELP NEEDED!   Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:08 pm

I run Ice Barriers purely for the awesome designs.

Mine's a custom build, but I could probably give some pointers. What kind of deck style did you want from it?
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PostSubject: Re: Ice barriers HELP NEEDED!   

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Ice barriers HELP NEEDED!

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