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new deck with dragons by myself

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PostSubject: new deck with dragons by myself   Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:56 am

another deck i made by myself this time with dragons like blue eyes,red eyes and darkness metal my problem is that i have a lot of monsters i think you will help me make it better Very Happy

42 cards

deck list

monsters XD 30

alexandrite dragons x3
blue eyes x3
hunter dragon x3
red eyes x2
armed dragon level 3,5,7
dark armed dragon
delta flyer
exploder dragon
lighpulsar dragon x2
magna drago 2
masked dragon
read eyes b chick x2
red eyes darkness dragon x2
red eyes darkness metal dragon x2
the white stone of legend x2

spells 7
ancient rules x2
dark hole
polymerization x2
monster reborn
dragonic tactics

traps 5
bottomless trap hole x2
dimensional prison x2
mirror force

and extra deck

fusion 2
blue eyes ultimate dragon
five headed dragon

synchro 5
black rose dragon
red dragon archfiend
stardust x2

xyz 8
daigusto emeral x2
kachi kochi dragon
lavalval chain
leviair the sea dragon
number 17 leviathan
thunder end dragon
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new deck with dragons by myself

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