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Magical Servant deck (FUN DECK)

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PostSubject: Magical Servant deck (FUN DECK)   Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:49 am

This deck is only for fun and its not meant to be competitive.

Monsters (38): (yes 38 its a magical merchant deck)

Skull Servants (10): 2x Skull servant
3x King of the skull servants
2x Wightmare
3x The Lady in Wight

Lightsworns (12): 2x Lyla
1x jain
3x Ryko
2x Ehren
1x Wulf
1x Lumina
2x Judgment Dragon

Chaos (3): 1x Black Luster Soldier
2x Chaos Sorcerer

Deck Support (13): 3x Magical Merchant
3x Rai-Mei
2x Battle Fader
2x Necro Gardna
2x Gokipon
1x Sangan

Spells (2): 2x Monster reincarnation

How to Win: Get magical merchant set on the field as fast u can ,gokipon,Sangan and rai-mei are there to search for it from the deck.when magical merchant is flipped face-up its effect will mill a big amount of cards from your deck and will u get a monster reincarnation use monster reincarnation and get judgment dragon from grave or king of the skull servants (if they got milled)summon judgment and clear the field using its effect then summon king of the skull servants which will have a high amount of attack because of the number of skull servants in grave and OTK the duel (wightmare and lady of the wight are treated as skull servants when in grave) i added chaos monsters because of the amount of dark/light monsters in this deck, lightsworns help alot in milling the deck if i didnt draw merchant and also are used to get judgment out.


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Magical Servant deck (FUN DECK)

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