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How Did the March 2012 Banlist Affect the Meta?

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PostSubject: How Did the March 2012 Banlist Affect the Meta?   Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:52 pm

Okay so this is going to be an attempt at an in-depth analysis of that question, how did the banlist affect the meta. I will try to cover both OCG and TCG, so bear with me!

What Decks Did Konami Kill?


They hurt Agents by the limiting of their 2 Star tuners. For Agents, this is a major impact on the consistency of the deck, however the mindset must have been geared towards worlds or just the OCG meta for this hit. For the Striker, more specifically, it was hit in order to knock off the T.G. aspect of T.G. Agents. Agents did win worlds after all, and as a result should be hit, or just nocked down a peg.


Well, they hit Agents, T.G., & Plants. Agents really didn't have that big of an impact in TCG, although they could topdeck out of a windup loop well so they were hyped for the first YCS with Wind-ups in full force. T.G. was really the only anti-meta archtype deck of the meta, but was only hit indirectly cause of the hits to agents and plants. And now onto plants... oh god, a massacre happened: Bye Glow-Up, Bye Spore, Bye Trish, Bye Tengu... (images knife cutting through poor plants). So they decided to kill a deck, big whoop. But this was just, Atomic bomb vs. paper... This showed that konami is not kidding around when they want sychros gone. They lined-up and fired and shot down 2 synchro heavy decks, T.G. and Plants. So they eliminated one of the best decks at maintaining advantage, plant synchro aka synchrocentric.

What Decks Were Left Untouched


I really hope this is obvious Very Happy But Konami left Inzektors, Laval, Hero, and Rabbit Variants still kicking strong. Now inzektors were a major threat to Agent domination in Japan. The power of Hornet + Dragonfly + all of their new support in the newest pack... oh my. Anyways, the deck is crazy good, netting +'s like noone's business. This just shows how much the power creep has reached, a deck like this untouched, well actually helped but that will be covered later. Anyways, Laval was just too inconsistant i guess, but it had finally begun to win its first tournaments. TBH, i think it was about time that a Duel Terminal deck began to top in japan, but thats just me Very Happy Moving on to Hero, i really don't know how the deck operates so much better over there. Guess it has to deal with our meta, so... yeah. Now the Rabbit Variants, more specifically Dino-Verz. The power behind this deck is the fact that it can lock down Special Summoning lv 5 or highers + back it up with a Laggia. Now either of the 2 XYZ's are powerful in their own right, putting em together = epic deck. Rabbits really aren't the issue in OCG as they are in TCG, so thats probs why they were not touched.


Well. Everyone knows whats coming, i hope. WHY THE HELL DID YOU NO TOUCH Inzektors, Wabbitz, OR Wind-Up. Inzektors are just as powerful here, except for the fact that we have tour guides to throw in as well. But that deck is covered by the same shadow imprisioning mirror that shuts DW down. But moving onto Wabbitz. Wabbitz in the TCG is a problem. I mean, look at the top 32 #'s. It is ridiculous. And the deck wasn't touched. The issue with the TCG Version is the chance to make ur 1st turn laggia, then either use Tour Guide or another rabbit to force opponent into a corner through Laggia and Dolkka. The deck is slightly sacky, but overall there is a reason why so many are topping, it is powerful. Getting basically 'free' negations and crap is just so OP... i just cannot describe how OP it is. But moving onto Wind-Up. You know what, really 2 words sum up the issue with Wind-Ups: Hand Loop. Once they loop whole hand or maybe only 3 if you are lucky, you are basically dead no matter how good your sacking skillz are. Once Daigusto Emeral hits TCG... a full loop has so many more ways to occur. But that is a story for another day. Lets leave this dreaded paragraph behind.

Decks Konami Helped


Samurai, Psychics, LS/Twilight, & Inzektors got a boost. Samurai remained a competitive deck recently, and the fact that it got a boost is so depressing. Psychics i have obviously been testing a lot (look at my deck profile gosh), and if they get a good build down, IMO they are effectively another Samruai deck that gains advantage from synchros, but loses the ease of dropping beast and barkion early. LS/Twilight has been getting so much love over the last couple banlists. After being neutered, the deck is slowly working back its best cards: this time it was lumina. Now the deck is a lot more consistant, and only time will tell if that is enough to bring LS back to the tournament scene. And 3 COH means inzektors more happy now Very Happy


Basically the same goes for all the decks above, no decks were boosted here that are diff in Japan.

So what should/does this banlist do? It effectively speeds up previously slowed down decks to match the speed and power of the big 3. And when have you EVER heard of konami speeding up a format with the banlist. Effectively this means that there is going to be variety, but sadly this variety is going to cause many headaches when deciding a Side deck, as the good decks the opponent could be playing is just... so much more diverse now. I cannot wait to see the first YCS and which comes out on top, a defined meta deck, or a deck that can run skill drain to ruin the day of the meta decks, as it almost completely cripples them.

Anyways, thats my article, hoped you like it.
-Quincy signing off.

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How Did the March 2012 Banlist Affect the Meta?

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