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Lesson: Psychology behind Yugioh

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PostSubject: Lesson: Psychology behind Yugioh   Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:25 pm

Hello everyone it's time to learn about the human mind and what it can do for you.

Now understand this, in the right context you can apply what you learn here today on Dueling Network and even in tournaments outside of your computer. If you have ever wondered what the concentration part of the tests ever meant this is what I am talking about.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know the opponents next move just based on the card(s) their playing. Well this comes with experience and knowing multiple kinds of decks, but you also need to understand this:

Why did they make that play?
Did he/she have other options?

Now let's look at how you can come to this situation. Now I will be using a lot of situations from my own experience playing with the actual card so bear with me here.

Here are some things to look for when trying to "read" people:

1. Make eye contact & listen to their voice.
- This helps to see what their emotions can give away.

Ex: They make a play and you negate it somehow and they go "dammit" or get a little frustrated. This can show you that the card in question might have been a key card to him and his strategy was based around it.

2. Pay attention to what they "play" around with.
- When it comes to the different areas on the playing field look at what the player picks up or looks at for a while.

Ex: The pick up a graveyard/extra deck/banished a lot. This can mean a lot of different things in the right situations.

For the extra deck example it could mean they have a tuner/xyz material in hand or they plan to bring it out. If its the graveyard think of cards that work with the graveyard. **Cough Cough** Monster Reborn (assume this if they look through your graveyard most of the time), or other key cards like this.

3. Look for your own weaknesses

- Now think of a field where you completely dominate the field. What is the 1 card/combo they could do to kill you? This is where the experience with the deck comes in handy. Once you analyze what can kill you, you can choose your negations wisely and not on the first bluff they pull out. It's about analyzing the situation before you make a move.

Ex: You have Evolzar Laggia & 3 other monsters. They play Monster Reborn targeting a monster you might not like but will not kill you. You negate and they play Dark Hole. Suddenly that monster reborn was looking good.

4. Response time

- Have you ever been in a situation where you play a card and ask if it is ok? After which they look at their cards and take a while to make a decision. Well this can reveal a lot about a player's backrow and/or hand.

Ex: You summon Tour Guide of the Underworld, they pause and look at their backrows again and contimplate on using it. This already can tell you they might have a negation effect like solemn warning ready to go.

Now understand this if you can read your opponent then you can make early predictions and know exactly what their next play is before they do.

But there is also a flip side to this. What if they know about this psychology stuff as well?

How to avoid getting "read like a book":

1. Pay attention and keep your voice in check.

- Keep your reactions to a minimum and continue to read you opponent, but realize he is on to you.

2. Memorize

- Try and memorize each of the actions in the duel and avoid looking in specific places for a long period of time. Also remember cards you played on the field such as backrow so you do not have to refer to them again.

Well I hope this lesson has taught you the value of psychology in Yugioh. Now start paying attention!!

Class dismissed.

Professor Keyblade

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Lesson: Psychology behind Yugioh

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