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Post your chat logs here

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PostSubject: Post your chat logs here   Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:16 am

[7:59:47 PM] Charles: O_O Tracey. What happened?
[8:00:28 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: son of a bitch
[8:00:30 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: i had you
[8:00:44 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: stupid fucking connection.
[8:00:48 PM] Charles: Also, I could have turned the duel around on Tracey on the 1st round had I remembered I had Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. Hell, I even had 2 Cyber Dragons ffs.
[8:01:12 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: >. lies
[8:01:29 PM] Charles: My Chimeratech Fortress would have had 3000 atk
[8:01:44 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: lies, he had DD suviver on his field
[8:01:59 PM] Charles: I had D.D. Survivor AND Cyber Dragon.
[8:02:12 PM] Charles: I decided to play defensively like a dumbass though >_>
[8:02:57 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: wouldnt have helped anyway, i had utopia
[8:03:15 PM] Charles: So? My Chimeratech Fortress would have had 3000 and Utopia only had 2500
[8:03:37 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: negate... atk? duh?
[8:03:50 PM] Charles: Would have killed it next turn
[8:04:04 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: i had cyber dragon in my hand >.
[8:04:08 PM] Charles: Shut up jojo! Daddy and Mommy are talking >_>
[8:04:28 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: either way, i still won cuz of your failure to think ;P
[8:04:47 PM] Charles: I wiped the floor with you on the 2nd round though so I don't care Razz
[8:05:18 PM] Charles: ...Wow, we really are like an old married couple. Huh Tracey?
[8:05:26 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: its DNs fault for having a shitty shufflinf system
[8:05:32 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: shuffling*
[8:05:43 PM] Charles: Yeah yeah. Blame DN for having a horrible hand XD
[8:05:56 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: yes, pretty much
[8:05:57 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: XD
[8:09:07 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: what am i hearing and whydo i want to hit someone...?
[8:09:20 PM] Charles: Don't know, don't care.
[8:09:51 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: so helpful >.
[8:10:00 PM] Charles: You know how I am honey Razz
[8:13:04 PM] Tracey Verwarfen: >.
[8:13:15 PM] Lieutenant Dalu: wow
[8:13:24 PM] Lieutenant Dalu: i just read that so... yeah


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Post your chat logs here

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