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Lesson: How To Succeed At The Dueling Network Admin Exam

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PostSubject: Lesson: How To Succeed At The Dueling Network Admin Exam   Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:18 am

So hi, i am here to discuss how to succeed on the admin exam, as i'm sure that is a goal for some of you.
But first, a warning:
Reasons why you cannot take the exam:
Previous ban history on the same I.P. Address
Not enough Rating
Not enough Experience
Already taken an exam on I.P. or Computer

Anywho, to the rulings part.
Basically, there is one thing you need to know like the back of your hand: THE RULEBOOK.

Many of the questions on the exam come from the basic Yugioh Rulebook. You can find it here if you need a few pointers:

Anywho, make sure to read up on a few key sections, most notably Leaves the Field, XYZ Materials, and The Breakdown of the Battle Phase. Those three sections are extremely key in most situations you will find if you do pass and become a DN admin.

But most of the questions are specific, they are not just basic concepts. Yes, that is to see how you APPLY your concepts. And the trick to uncovering most of these is on the first page of the exam, before you even begin. In the instructions, it clearly states that: YOU MAY USE ANY NON-HUMAN RESOURCE FOR THIS EXAM. Yes google and yugioh wikia are your best friend. Rulings on a specific card? Take the 5 seconds to check the wikia rulings page on it.

Now the number one thing to remember, DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT. Head Admins are the ones who have to approve your hiring, and they can see every answer you submit. Cheating is the number one reason why certain users are not permitted to become a DN admin, and a lot of other consequences may apply as well.

So I cannot possibly help ya with the layout of the exam or the questions you will get as it is different for everyone. So: lets just go over some general topics.

You should know before embarking on the exam:

Both are followed extremely straightforwardly on Dueling Network, and you will be asked about your knowledge of both before being hired if you pass the exam.

Now for Yugioh Knowledge, i would say the hardest questions are probably under the following categories:

Ignition Priority
The Damage Step
The Problem Solving Text
SEGOC (Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain)
Negating a Summon

Make sure you are able to remember the little concepts as well. You should be familliar with all of the topics on both of the following links.

Now what would this be without one actual hint about the exam:

MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE BOX BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO START. #1 Reason why i get PM'd about the admin test.

Anyone who passes the DN Admin Exam will be considered for a judge spot here. IT is not a guarantee, however it is also a suitable perquisite in place of the judge exam on NDA.

Any questions about the exam in general, just PM me, i can probably help ya out, i mean, you are getting help from the person who got this Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Lesson: How To Succeed At The Dueling Network Admin Exam   Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:52 am

Alright Very Happy This is totally gonna help me Very Happy
-Starts Studying-
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Lesson: How To Succeed At The Dueling Network Admin Exam

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