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Lesson: Chains & Speeds

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PostSubject: Lesson: Chains & Speeds   Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:36 pm

Hello everyone today is a requested lesson on Chains, but before we get into this we have to look at Spell Speeds

Spell Speeds:

In Yu-gi-oh there are 3 well known Spell Speeds:

Spell Speed 1 (Spells [Normal, Equip, Continuous, Field, Ritual], Effect Monster's Effects [Ignition, Trigger, and Flip])
Spell Speed 2 (Trap [Normal, Continuous Initial Activation] Quick-Play Spells, Effect Monster's Quick Effects)
Spell Speed 3 (Counter Traps)

In regards to activation you may only activate a card in a chain if the spell speed is equal to or greater than the card before it.


There are other cards that begin other types of chains or resolutions that will be talked about more in depth in a future lesson:

Manditory Effects vs Optional Effect
The Concept of "Spell Speed 4"
Chains and how to miss timing. (SEGOC)

Hope this helps out any of you wanting to get a better explanation on Chains.

If there are any Questions regarding this article or about a situation you are unsure about post in the comments below.

Professor Keyblade

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Lesson: Chains & Speeds

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