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Priority Update: Ignition Effects

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PostSubject: Priority Update: Ignition Effects   Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:54 pm

Hello everyone just wanted to give everyone an update as to what is going around now in the TCG.

In the OCG they have had this ruling for a long time where there was no priority for ignition effects and now it's our turn.

What does this mean?

Well first we need to understand the different kinds of effects.
Effect Types

To give you the short version:
If you would normally call "Priority" on activating a card effect, now you cannot.

Examples of Cards that were affected:

- Rescue Rabbit
- Chaos Sorcerer
- Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
- Judgement Dragon
- Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
- Leviair the Sea Dragon
- Wind-up Zenmaity
- Mystic Piper
- Cardcar D


1. Tour Guide of the Underworld is affected by this new ruling.

Answer: No, as Tour Guide is a Trigger effect.

Monsters that say "When this card is _____ Summoned..." are Trigger effects

2. With the new rulings monsters like Evolzar Laggia/Naturia Beast/Six Samurai Shi en cannot activate their effects if bottomless/torrential were activated in response to the summon.

A: No, as those monsters are Quick-Effects and can chain to anything except negation of their summon.

How do we know when to play/respond?

Now considering the new rulings the proper way to play out a situation is the following:

1. Summon the monster
2. Ask if the Summon is ok? (Negation of summon question)
3. Assuming Question 2 was no, Do you have a Responce to the summon (Traps/Veiler, etc)
4. If Question 3 was a no, you may activate your Ignition Effect.

I Hope this helps everyone, if you have any questions as to what is affected then put them down below.

Sincerely Keyblade

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Priority Update: Ignition Effects

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