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Dueling City

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PostSubject: Dueling City   Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:18 pm

Dueling City is a website mainly dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Teams and Academies. Yes, you heard right, we host wars for children's card games, for adults! Our goal is to give duelists around the world great Yu-Gi-Oh! war experience while having fun in our forums. From automatized war registrations, simple and effective judging system to ranking table which summarizes all war records and dynamic profile fields that show your scores in posts, all those are reasons why you should join us and witness our awesomeness! At the end, we will make you feel special, while you are just another mortal in this cruel world.

For those that know our community for a longer time, we are KCTAU/DNTAU on Steroids! New name, new site, new organization, new beginning!

We exist to give teams and academies what they always wanted, a great site that will serve their needs!

Join us and witness the new era of online dueling!
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Dueling City

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