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my awesome ness that is wet (frogs)

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PostSubject: my awesome ness that is wet (frogs)   Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:42 am

i recently entered a local tourney and i used this deck and went x-1 however i came 5 cause of count back oh well this is it
if you havent seen me play theese before they work by stalling and saying HAHAHAH YOU THINK YOUR STRONG TRY MY 3600 TREEBORN FROG
3x dupe frog
2x tradetoad
3 flip flop frog
2 x treeborn frog
2x submarine frog
3x ronintoading (main XYZ material )
2x swap frog
1x unifrog

1 level limit area b
dark hole
heavy storm
book of moon
2 x moray of greed
2 x solidarity
2 messenger of peace
3 x wetlands
2 x mst
1 monster reborn

gravity bind
1 mirror force
2 oh fish
2 aegis of the ocean lord
froggie force field

ok now explanations
i only run 1 unifrog because hes good but not able to keep you alive hes more for a last hit so he goes direct when nothing else will be quick enough
2 swaps rather than 3 is because you can easy search for them of dupe or recycle with trade toad
3 flip flops cause he wastes so many of your oponents cards by returning a xyz to extra for example and when your opponent swarms you can swarm back and bounce 5 monsters (given you have 5 monsters
ronins like i said hes a easy XYZ for example he helped me double gachi and the his machina fortress cant do anything to me 2600 defenders and most frogs will be 2800 defense

i don't run duality because frogs special summon so often so to improve consistency i added moray if you come short on waters in hand use swap to bounce 1 to hand
i run level limit cause all decks have level 4 besides these of course if they got xyz its not a huge problem
messanger i added for the main reason that is xyz's if they xyz they cant run over my dupe frog for a cost of 100 per turn it is worth it i run 2 solidarity cause 3 is too many cause the odds are that you will get 2 and gain huge control and you dont want to go too aggresive till you can control the win owever that is just my playstyle

froggy force field i run 1 of it over a second mirror force to be able to bait you oppoenent to it being a dud wen they attack my trade toad i do nothing so thy wont expect it then they get redirected into dupe and you spring the force-field
oh fish they are they frog war chariot but rather than getting the trap back you get a removed frog in deck
so if you draw this just summon a ronintoadin for total defense ageis is just to protect all your monsters form cards like dark hole

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my awesome ness that is wet (frogs)

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