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Classroom Information and Rules ***Read First***

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PostSubject: Classroom Information and Rules ***Read First***   Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:31 pm






The NDA classroom is designed to help duelists of all kinds better understand the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! and perfect their knowledge of the trading card game. By taking the time to learn or refine your knowledge of the material, you will increase your knowledge of the game. You could have a better chance at passing the Dueling Network Administration Exam! More importantly, you will be learning and that will make you a better duelist.









Lessons will consist of topics from basic game play to complex rulings. Our goal is to start from the beginning and explain as much about the game as possible. We will have topics that are for all types of duelists, from beginners to pros. Each lesson will be accompanied by a question based on the topic. The first person who answers the question correctly will receive 300 DP. Even if you're not the first, these lessons are great learning tools if you want to learn more or refine your knowledge.







Rules For Students


  • Everyone is considered a student besides those stated in the Rules for Teachers.

  • The first student to answer the accompanying question will receive 300 DP.

  • Students are only permitted to reply to lessons.

  • Students should not assume the role of the teacher, guiding the rest of the students within the classroom. They should only post answers and defend them if they need to.

  • You can answer the question multiple times, but only if the teacher marks your previous answer incorrect. If the question has been answered correctly, then please refrain from posting additional answers in the lesson.

  • Stay on topic.

  • If you have any questions about the lesson, then you should post them in the "Lesson Questions" topic located HERE. Make sure you follow the rules within the first post.

  • Students must also follow the DNA rules found HERE when participating in the classroom.

  • Please respect the teacher and these rules.








Rules For Teachers


  • Teachers are individuals who have been granted the permission to teach within the NDA Classrooms. Currently, this only includes MegaMaster.

  • Teachers must treat students with respect.

  • Teachers must stay on topic within every lesson, and the lessons must be Yu-Gi-Oh! related.

  • The role of a teacher is to write lessons with an accompanying question. The teacher should not answer there own question, but rather, tell the students whether or not their answers are correct, give hints (if necessary), and guide the students to a correct answer.

  • Each lesson should be formatted properly, as expressed by the formatting guidelines.

  • If a teacher is fairly occupied, then they could allow another Staff Member to take care of the lesson by being provided with the answer to the question. If the Staff Member takes responsibility over a lesson, then they must follow the rules for teachers.

  • All lessons must be locked after the question has been answered correctly.

  • Teachers should answer student's questions at all times, whether in the lessons or in the "Lesson Questions" topic located [url=]HERE[/url].








Warnings and Procedures


  • Breaking the rules for students will result in an official NDA Warning and will be dealt with accordingly based on the Warning System on our forum.

  • Staff members will receive a warning toward their staff position, and multiple classroom warnings will result in demotion.

  • By posting in the classroom, you hereby agree to the rules stated above.

  • Classroom Information and Rules are subject to change based on the approval of administration.





New Duel Academy's Classroom By MegaMaster . All Rights Reserved.

New Duel Academy's Classroom By Dark Magician Of C. . Proofreading and Editing.


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Classroom Information and Rules ***Read First***

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