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Wondering what deck to play?

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PostSubject: Wondering what deck to play?   Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:19 am

So I been thinking about this format and I practice with nearly every possible deck and I have the top ten I might play;
1. Malefic Necro/Skill Dragon.
2. Plant rulers.
3. Dark worlds
4. T.G. Synchros
5. T.G. Stun
6. Banish Psychic
7. Sacksworn(LS)
8. Frognarch Slackers
9. T.G. Spacians ( <3 This Deck)
10. ZW OTK
Bonuses: 2Fast2Furious 61 combo or Earthbound Semi-OTK

I place them in order I found more useful again other decks and still developing a sideboard for each of them. The last ones are usually the more fun ones but I want to hear what you guys think and what you play for competitive or fun.
Very Happy Thanks guys


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Looking for a use for genex.
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Wondering what deck to play?

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