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(Ventus) The Great Results

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PostSubject: (Ventus) The Great Results   Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:11 am

Part 1 : Deck building 
here I had asked him to build a dark world deck 

The monsters 9/10
The spells and traps 7/10 
the Extra 9/10
The Side 5/5


Part 2 :Rulings 
We will then proceed With a ruling Test that you will need to answer a certain amount of questions and if you can answer the ruling correctly within the time limit ( to prevent looking up the answers ) 

5 points per question all correct

part 3 :Dueling 
This is the simple part 

You will then play against the tester in a all out test of strength you will be asked to use your strongest deck to pit against the testers strongest deck 

your outcome will Depend on how you fared

deck size ( minus for the deck size over 40 unless 42 certain reasons that will be decided by the tester I.E the tester may excuse if the deck had to be that size for example BA with beginning of the end )

For siding my choice in this size is that siding is what separates the one trick ponies / bad hand's from the pros 

5 points per round win 

Plays If you make an amazing play that not many others will think of you should be rewarded for being able to outplay your opponent

Lastly if you are a genuinely a nice person you should also be rewarded so for attitude 

91 /100

90+  Obelisk blue + a free chance at abandoned
WELCOME TO THE NEW NEW DUEL ACADEMY becareful when you challenge for it

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PostSubject: Re: (Ventus) The Great Results   Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:14 am

I will let this one slide because you still recruited, jack please take a look at the Rubric I made and give an opinion. 

And welcome to Obelisk and the Acad (Ventus) The Great


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(Ventus) The Great Results

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