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Tester's Banlist

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PostSubject: Tester's Banlist   Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:11 am

No FTK/OTK/Stall/Burn/Exoida ! (This applies to both tester and testee)

No Tier 1 for Testers!

Tier 1 for this format as of Jan.2: (April format coming soon)

-Burning Abyss

Terms and Conditions:
If you start a duel, testee (one being tested) MUST make sure your internet connection is sturdy. You will not be compensated for the disconnection. Instead, a game loss and a deduction of 10 Duel Points will take place. 

The deck the tester uses must be balanced, can have the potential to OTK, but not necessarily always OTK.  (OTK is not the theme, but a possible outcome)

[Updates will be accordingly]


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Tester's Banlist

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