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~ Gustos ~

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PostSubject: ~ Gustos ~   Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:26 am

~ Gustos ~

~ Okay, so this was literally one of my first serious(ish) decks that I ever made, and it has gone through quite a decent amount of editing through time, but so far, it's been pretty good, you could say! So I may as well share it with ya'll!

~ Deck List ~

Main Deck

x2 Caam
x3 Gusto Egul
x3 Gusto Falco
x3 Gusto Gulldo
x1 Gusto Thunbolt
x1 Jinzo
x3 Kamui
x1 Musto
x2 Pilica
x1 Winda
x1 Windaar
x1 Burial from a Different Dimension
x2 Contact with Gusto
x1 Gold Sarcophagus
x1 My Body as a Shield
x1 Raigeki
x1 Swords of Burning Light
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x2 Blessings for Gusto
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Dust Storm of Gusto
x2 Dust tornado
x2 Mirror force
x1 Negate attack
x1 Scrubbed raid
x1 Whirlwind of Gusto

Extra Deck

x1 Ally of Justice Catastor
x1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries
x2 Blood Mefist
x1 Clear Wing
x1 Crimson Blader
x1 Daigustos Eguls
x1 Daigustos Falcos
x3 Daigustos Gulldos
x3 Sphreez
x1 Scrap Dragon

~ About the Deck ~

So, as you would expect, this deck revolves around swarming Gustos and synchros. The most vital part of the deck is Sphreez, because she is your ultimate weapon. In other words; get that girl out as fast as you can! And I mean it, once she is out, you are good to go, well, until she is destroyed that is. But, there are plenty of ways to get her back, and also numerous ways to defend her from being destroyed. 

[size=24]~ How the Deck Works ~[/size]
[size=24][size=16]The way this deck works is by getting out as many Gustos as you can, in order to get out Sphreez, and once you have gotten her out, you shall go full aggro and attack with all your might on your opponent's strongest creature, and seeing as how the tuners will fetch other Gustos, you are to repetitively attack with them. [/size][/size]
[size=24][size=16]Here's an example[/size][/size]
This is what the field would probably look like for the best results

Opponent's side


Your side

Sphreez :: Egul :: Egul :: Gulldo

[Traps and spells and stuff]

What you would do is attack the super strong monster with Egul first to activate its effect in order to fetch out a new non-tuner Gusto monster and special summon it (I recommend getting out Kamui, because she has super low attack, and with Sphreez out, you WANT as low of attack as you can get.) and then you would do the same with the other Egul, following up by attacking with Gulldo, then, fetching out another Egul, and repeating the process, ultimately dealing a ton of damage. Also, having My Body as a Shield in your spell and trap card zone is very handy, because if the opponent uses Mirror Force, you can negate it, at the cost of 1500 life points and then destroy it, so you can continue with your onslaught.

Another Nice Field

Opponent's Field


Your Field

Sphreez :: Egul :: Gulldo :: Gulldo :: Kamui

With this setup, you can easily spam more Gustos, as you know, you would attack with Egul, letting you get out a non-tuner Gusto, and then, you would attack with Gulldo, allowing you to special summon Egul, and you can do this twice if you have two Eguls left in your deck, or you could get another Kamui, and then, you would go kamikaze with Egul and Kamui, allowing you to do a ton of damage to your opponent, also, just like before, it is handy to have My Body as a Shield to prevent them from being destroyed by card effects.

~ Extra Deck (Non-Gusto) Explaination ~

~ Blood Mefist ~

[size=16]This jerk is a total annoyance, your opponent will hate you for it, this is because during their standby phase, you can deal 300 damage times the amount of cards they control, and, not to mention, whenever they set a spell or trap card, they will take an additional 300 damage. These Mefists also stack, which is why you would run two of them, so instead of 300 damage, you would be dealing 600 instead! This damage adds up very quickly, and it can easily take down numerous decks just from the effects alone.[/size]

~ Clear Wing ~

[size=16]Clear Wing is the ultimate jerkwad, it's basically just a big 'screw you' to any level 5 or higher effect monster, or just effect monsters in general, seeing as it can negate level 5 or higher monster effects, or ones that target a single level 5 or higher monster you control, this monster poses a serious threat against a plethora of monsters![/size]

~ Ally of Justice ~

[size=16]Okay, Ally is just so good [size=18]and easy to get out, that it is a great card to run. Seeing as this monster can instantly destroy any non-dark type monster at the start of the damage step with absolutely no drawbacks, so why not just run one?[/size][/size]

~ Scrap Dragon ~
[size=16][size=18]Scrap Dragon can benefit Gustos in two ways, it can trigger both Falco and Gulldo's effects, seeing as they are sent to the graveyard (Falco's activates by being sent by anything but battle.)[/size] and then it also allows you to destroy a card your opponent controls, so it's a total win-win situation![/size]

~ Crimson Blader ~

So, you're facing a deck that summons a bunch of level 5 or higher monsters, and you feel like you can't do anything about it, what do you do? Oh! That's right, summon this jerk right here! Because whenever it destroys a monster by battle, your opponent can't normal OR special summon level 5 or higher monsters during their next turn! So, if you keep destroying their monsters, you can actually lock them down, totally sabotaging their deck!

~ Armades ~

So, just like how I run Jinzo in this deck, Armades is a slightly weaker version of him, but only when it attacks, it's a situational card, but it does the job.

The only reason I included the explanation for those cards is because they seem rather unfitting in this deck, but, they do the job of 1) surprising the opponent and 2) countering numerous decks.

~ The Stars of the Show ~

~ Sphreez ~
Sphreez is the most important thing in this entire deck, she is what makes your Gustos almost unstoppable! Not only can she not be destroyed by battle, but she also makes your opponent take all your battle damage from your face-up Gusto monsters! She even lets you return a Gusto monster from your graveyard to your hand when she is synchro summoned! With this, if you nab Pilica, you can pretty much have an endless amount of Sphreez! You want to get this monster out as fast as you can, because she is, after all, your powerhouse.

~ Gulldo ~
My personal favorite tuner in this deck, this is because its effect is easy to pull off, and it can be used for any synchro summon in the entire deck. Plus, it can pull off the endless Sphreez combo with Pilica, and, if you have Sphreez and two Gulldos out, you can easily take down your opponent because you will spam monsters!

~ Falco ~
Falco may not look all that great, but it is honestly an amazing card, because, if you tribute it or use it for a card effect, you can use its effect, and with that, you can summon any Gusto monster from your deck in face-down defense position, and doing this with Kamui allows you to use her flip effect the next turn! Not to mention, it's a level 2 tuner, so you can use it for almost any of the synchros in this deck.

~ Egul ~
This is your suicide bomber when you have Sphreez out, seeing as it only has 200 attack, you can easily deal plenty of damage, as well as trigger its effect when it's destroyed by battle, allowing you to attack again and again! But, be careful if Sphreez is destroyed, because it will hurt you gravely, but normally, it is going to be your MVP in the match and can easily take out the opponent in one turn.

~ Kamui ~
Kamui is honestly one of the best cards to start with, simply because you set her, and even if she is attacked, you get her effect, allowing you to quickly get out one of your tuners, also, if she lives for your next turn, you can flip her and use her effect as well, and then synchro summon up to a level 5 monster if you only have her and the tuner. This is very nice because you can also, if it is the opponent's battle phase, pull off the tuner's effect. (Gulldo or Egul's only, Falco will not work if destroyed by battle.) Kamui is also amazing when Sphreez is out, because she only has 200 attack, which allows you to deal a massive amount of damage to your opponent, depending on the monster they have out.

~ Winda ~
Winda is really only useful during your opponent's battle phase, seeing as her effect only kicks in when destroyed by an opponent's attacking monster, but, she does let you special summon a Gusto tuner monster, which is not that bad, so it is a fair trade, but, she can also be used for a synchro material, which is not that bad either.

~ Windaar ~
Windaar is not that bad, though he requires a tribute, (But if you use Falco or Gulldo for the tribute, you do get their effects) he can easily bring back your Gusto monsters when he destroys a monster through battle, and their effects are not negated, which is another plus! But, there is only one in this deck because of the fact he requires a tribute. Overall, he really isn't that bad, but not worth running more than one.

~ Musto ~
Musto is actually rather helpful if your opponent has a monster with an effect you absolutely hate. All you have to do is shuffle one Gusto monster from your graveyard into your deck, and then you can negate the effect of one monster on the field until the end of the turn! This is super nice when facing something that can't be destroyed by battle!

~ Caam ~
Caam is your draw power in this deck, and she puts back two Gusto monsters when you use her effect, but she really isn't good for much else, except for being a level 4 monster for a synchro summon. Also, Caam's effect is limited to only monsters that can be shuffled into the main deck, you cannot bring synchro monsters back to the extra deck.

~ Pilica ~
This is the best card you can use to get Sphreez out, because she brings back one of your WIND tuner monsters, and if you bring back Gulldo, it's an instant Sphreez, then, you bring her back to your hand and repeat the cycle! This is very handy because this works when she is either normal OR special summoned! You can never go wrong when playing this card!

~ Thunbolt ~
Thunbolt may not seem that amazing, seeing as its effect kicks in after the battle phase AND requires you to banish a Gusto monster from your graveyard, but it is far nicer than it sounds, because it allows you to summon Pilica, who can then summon a Gusto monster from your graveyard, easily allowing you to synchro summon that turn. But, it is not worth running more than one of these in the deck.

~ Gulldos ~
This monster may not seem like much, but its effect is what makes it beautiful, because all you do is shuffle two Gusto monsters from your graveyard into your deck and then you can obliterate one of your opponent's face-up monsters! 

~ I am really not going to go in depth with the spell and traps, because those are really the bare basics of the deck, and you can easily figure out how to use them, am I right? I honestly really just wanted to go slightly in depth about the monsters because of the spells and traps being so simplistic, the monsters are what makes this deck, not the spells and traps, so you really only have to know how to use the monsters more than anything else. ~

~ Easy Ways to Get Out Sphreez ~

  • Use Pilica while Gulldo is in your graveyard
  • If Sphreez is in your graveyard, simply use Call of the Haunted or Blessings For Gusto

~ The easiest way to explain this deck is just to swarm the field with monsters and go full aggro when Sphreez is out, but, you must defend her at all costs, she is your backbone and is what will allow you to win the duel! Also, the other basic way to explain this deck is just recycle all your monsters, seeing as you will be shuffling those Gustos back in your deck quite a lot. ~

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Gustos ~   Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:20 pm

Very Impressive Captain I like this well informed.

Welcome to NDA Very Glad to have you get a hold of me if you have any questions ok Guest

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Gustos ~   Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:15 pm

After writing one for three hours, and then losing all of it, I kinda remade it, but a bit lazier, the first time around it was insanely detailed, haha.

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Gustos ~   Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:09 pm

This had a ton of info. But Vanity and anything that prevents special summoning would beat this deck down.


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PostSubject: Re: ~ Gustos ~   Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:36 pm

Yes, that is another one of the deck's weaknesses, but, there is a bit of removal, so you can get around it over time, so, it's somewhat up to luck, but when it comes to Dark Law, it's plainly gg, no questions asked. strangles Dark Law with my bare hands

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Gustos ~   

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~ Gustos ~

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