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~ Aquaactress ~

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PostSubject: ~ Aquaactress ~   Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:06 am

[size=24]~ Aquaactress ~

~ Main Deck

x 2 Aquaactress Arowana
x3 [/size]Aquaactress Guppy
Aquaactress Tetra
x1 Barrier Statue of the Torrent
x1 Cyber Shark
x1 Hammer Shark
x1 Hyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon
x1 Jawsman
x2 Mother Grizzly
x2 Gillman
x1 Star Boy
x2 Legendary Ocean
x2 Aquarium Stage
x2 Aquarium Set
x2 Aquarium Lighting
x2 Surface
x1 Water Hazard
x1 Abyss-Strom
x1 Aqua story - Urashima
x1 Aquamirror Cycle
x1 Bubble Bringer
x1 Dust Tornado
x1 Mirror Force
x2 Possidon Wave
x1 Scrubbed Raid
x1 Tornado Wall
x1 Torrential Reborn

~ Side Deck ~

Aquaactress Arowana
x1 Cyber Shark
x1 Hammer Shark
x1 Aquarium Set
x1 Aquarium Stage
x1 Different Dimension Deapsea Trench
x1 Hydro Pressure Cannon
x2 Salvage
x1 Aquamirror Cycle
x1 Bubble Bringer
x1 Dust Tornado
x1 Forgotten Temple of the Deep
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Torrential Reborn

~ Introduction ~
Aquaactresses are built around buffing the heck out of the adorable fish. The main goal is to get out all the Aquarium spellcards as soon as you can, seeing as they will buff your fish even more. Though they may start out weak, their power will build up extremely fast, and they will easily swarm the field. The Aquaactresses provide both a great defense and offense, and are a huge threat if not taken care of quickly.


~ Monsters ~

~ Aquaactress Arowana ~

[size=16]This monster is going to be your strongest one once you are fully set up, as in, it can reach over 10,000 attack points. Arowana also acts as your search engine, because every turn you can look for another Aquaactress card, which is very nice, especially to find Tetra, because that lets you look for an Aquarium card, which is very essential. Arowana is actually a very hard monster to destroy, and poses a serious threat to almost anything in its path!

~ Aquaactress Guppy ~

Guppy is your summoning spammer, the effects of Guppy can stack, allowing you to special summon up to three Aquaactresses per turn, though, you obviously wouldn't have enough room, but you get the point, it basically will let you fill up your field in one turn without any worries. Guppy can also summon Arowana without making you tribute anything! You will want to keep Guppy alive as long as you can until you're fully set up and ready to wreck your opponent.

~ Aquaactress Tetra ~

Tetra is going to be your support searcher. It allows you, each turn, to look for an Aquarium card, and don't forget, the effects stack, so you can use it up to three times per turn, and though Tetra may look weak with those 300 attack points, you can easily make it up to 3,000 attack points in a jiffy!

~ Mother Grizzly ~

Mother Grizzly is honestly an amazing searcher, because you pretty much get a free Aquaactress or buffer at the cost of her death, but, it's honestly worth it, the only downside is that she summons it in attack position.

~ Spined Gillman ~

Gillman here is one of your main buffers, seeing as it will give all your Fish, Sea Serpent and Aqua-Type monsters 400 extra attack, which, if you have both out, gives you an extra 800 attack! It's honestly an amazing card for your Aquaactresses.

~ Star Boy ~

Star Boy is rather underrated in my opinion, I don't know why nobody uses him, it gives all WATER monsters 500 attack and reduces FIRE monsters' attack by 400, this actually creates a huge curve when you're fully set up, as in, it can give your Aquaactresses a 1,000 attack point buff!


This is one of your last resort cards, not to mention it's super strong, seriously, look at that 2900 attack, and it only gets stronger as time passes! And don't forget its effect, where if it deals damage, you get to destroy one monster your opponent controls! So, pretty much, it's bye bye strong monsters!

~ Hammer Shark ~

Hammer Shark here is going to be one of your best buddies, seeing as it lets you special summon a level 3 or lower WATER monster from your hand, and pretty much all your essential monsters are level 3 or lower! Meaning, you can rush out all the buffers or the Aquaactresses!

~ Jawsman ~

This is another last resort card, notice it's only a level 6 with 2600 attack, but, it gets extremely strong as your field grows, because for each other WATER monster you control, it gets an extra 300 attack, so if your field is full, it's an extra 1200 attack! Not to mention the other buffs it can get from your other monsters and spells!

~ Cyber Shark ~

Cyber Shark is a cruel beast, because, as long as you have a WATER monster, you can normal summon it, and I mean really, a 2100 attack monster for free? Count me in.

~ Barrier Statue of the Torrent ~

This card is pretty situational, but, it is also evil as can be, because, if your opponent special summons a ton of things, but none are WATER types, you can lock them down and make their deck almost useless.

~ Spells and Traps ~

~ A Legendary Ocean ~

This is going to be your Umi for this deck, and not only that, it recuses the level of all WATER monsters in your hand and on the field by 1, which allows you to use Hammer Shark more easily, and don't forget that 200 attack and defense bonus!

~ Aquarium Stage ~

This is one of your nessecities, it allows your WATER monsters to not be destroyed in battle by non-WATER monsters, and, for your Aquaactresses, they are now unaffected by monster effects! But also, you can't forget that when the card is sent to the grave, you get back one of your Aqua-type monsters in your grave!

~ Aquarium Set ~

Here's another essential, this one gives all your WATER monsters 300 extra attack and defense, and your Aquaactresses get an extra 300 more! (So a 600 bonus) And just like all the Aquarium cards, when it's destroyed on the field, you get an Aqua-type monster back from your graveyard!

~ Aquarium Lighting ~

This is your best card, because, this is what makes your Aquaactresses bulky as can be. The reason being is because when an Aquaactress monster you control battles another monster, its attack and defense are doubled! (Example: Tetra's base attack is 300, and say it's getting a total of 1200 extra attack from Aquarium Set, Gillman and the Ocean, it would make Tetra's attack total up to 3000.)

~ Surface ~

Surface is a card that you can use in different situations, and seeing as your monsters are pretty much level 3 or lower, you have a rather wide range of choices, but be careful, they're summoned in defense position.

~ Water Hazard ~

A great beginning game card, because it lets you special summon a level 4 or lower WATER monster from your hand as long as you control no other monsters, meaning, you could easily get out two monsters on your first turn.

~ Aqua-Story ~

This card is entirely situational, not going to lie, I used it to get rid of a Marshmallon, but anyways, as long as there's an Aquaactress monster in your graveyard, this will change a monster's attack and defense to 100 AND negate its effects until the end of the turn!

~ Aquamirror Cycle ~

This is one of your recycling cards, there's not much to say other than that.

~ Bubble Bringer ~

As said before, majority of your monsters are level 3 or lower, and this card makes it so level 4 or higher monsters can't declare direct attacks! Thus, this can be an almost endless stalling card.

~ Abyss-Strom ~

Another situational card, but, this one nukes EVERY SPELL AND TRAP CARD ON THE FIELD, at the cost of Umi (Which is your Legendary Ocean)

~ Dust Tornado ~

An over glorified MST in layman's terms

~ Mirror Force ~

Do you really want me to explain THIS?

~ Poseidon Wave ~

This is like a negate attack, but also damages, it can actually do a total of 4000 damage to your opponent if you have a full field! Too bad it only negates one attack.

~ Scrubbed Raid ~


~ Tornado Wall ~

Another situational card, this one, however, will not let you take battle damage, which is very, VERY, nice.

~ Torrential Reborn ~

Oh, one of the greatest cards in this deck, because it A) damages your opponent, and B) will special summon your destroyed monsters, so, if your opponent uses a Raigeki, you can be like "LOLNOPE" and get back all the monsters that were destroyed AND deal 500 damage times the amount of monsters you special summoned!!

~ Strategies ~

The basic strategy for this deck, honestly, is to get out all your Aquarium cards as soon as you can and swarm the field with your lovely fish. There's not much to it.

~ Weaknesses ~

The one true weakness with this deck is the lack of removal, I've actually been decked out before because of a Marshmallon, it was a sad, sad day. Another thing is if you run out of Aquarium cards, then your poor fish are left somewhat helpless. Other than those, there are hardly any weaknesses.

So, this is a rather old deck of mine, it was slightly sloppily put together, but, it works pretty well, I hope you enjoy it! It's a super fun deck to play with, especially when you get Arowana to a ridiculous amount of attack.


Fun fact: I did the math and the max you can get Arowana up to is 9,400 attack with just the main deck (Without any alterations from the side deck.) (This total was obtained through 2 Gillman on the field, {+800 attack} 1 Star Boy, {+500 attack} 2 Aquarium Sets {+1200 attack} and 1 Legendary Ocean {+200 attack} which totaled up to 2700 bonus attack, meaning Arowana would be at 4700, and then having Aquarium Lighting, it doubles the Aquaactress' attack, making it 9,400 attack.)

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~ Aquaactress ~

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