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Engine: Plants

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PostSubject: Engine: Plants    Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:54 pm

**Please Note: The plant engine contains banned cards that are not legal for tournament play in the advanced format. **

Now even though this engine is obsolete now we always need to look at the past and how people built these engines so we can compare them to those of this format.

The Plant Engine is comprised of the following monsters:


Other cards needed for the engine to help it:
1. Call of the Haunted / Limit Reverse
2. One for one
3. Debris Dragon
4. Foolish Burial
5. Reborn Tengu

The plant engine is more famous in yugioh for it's massive synchro summoning.

Common mosters brought out by this deck are
1. Formula Synchron
2. Black rose Dragon
3. T.G. Hyper Librarian.
4. Orient Dragon.
5. Ancient Fairy Dragon
6. Stardust Dragon.
7. Shooting Star Dragon
8. Shooting Quasar Dragon
9. Trishula

Plant Engine's Pros/Cons:

Massive Amount of Syncro Summons
In the right hands can get around stoppers (effect veiler, etc)
Isn't Affected by anti-meta cards like Skill drain and Effect Veiler (Syncros are, the engine isn't)

Weak to Macro(banishing) related cards.
A lot of Special summoning so cards like Archlord Krystia/Vanity's Fiend would cripple it.
Generally weak monsters in the engine so very weak to King Tiger Wanghu
Maxx "C" is a very bad scare tactic, be very afraid of it and unless you are going all out, do not continue to let your opponent plus.

Most common sides against plant decks:

Now to understand some of the old tactics here is what used to be common plays.



Please note these were combos before Tour Guide of the Underworld was released in the TCG.


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Engine: Plants

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