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Machine Deck

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PostSubject: Machine Deck   Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:43 pm

For some odd reason, I had "Cyber Soldier" in this deck. I took them out, though. Any suggestions?

Monsters [23]
Mechanicalchaser x3
Robotic Knight x3
Barrel Dragon x2
Blowback Dragon x2
Heavy Mech Support Platform x3
Machine King x3
Machine King Prototype x3
Perfect Machine King x3
Scrap Recycler

Spells [9]
Break! Draw!
Future Fusion
Limiter Removal
Machine Assembly Line x2
Monster Reborn
Overload Fusion
Polymerization x2

Traps [8]
Dimensional Prison
Dust Tornado x3
Mirror Force
Psychic Shockwave x2
Roll Out!
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Machine Deck

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