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my real life deck

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PostSubject: my real life deck   Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:12 pm

3x batteryman AA
3x batteryman AAA
3x batteryman DD
3x batteryman micro-cell
2x batteryman Charger
2x batteryman Industrial strength
2x batteryman fuel cell
2x the calculator

3x short circuit
2x Inferno reckless summon
2x battery charger
2x Quick charger
2x Recycling batteries
1x Electromagnetic shield

TRAPS( 8 )
2x Portable battery pack
2x Compulsory evacuation device
1x Mirror force
1x trap stun
1x threatening Roar
1x Torrential tribute

what do u guys think of my Batteryman otk deck
i do need help b/c its not that consistent
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my real life deck

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